Monday, March 29, 2010

C. Embosser Butterfly

Embosser atau Penerap C1 (Lazy Butterfly) .. and C2 ( Harmony Butterfly ) Canaikan doh dah tekan embosser secara rawak mengikut kesukaan anda.. Sapukan shimmer atau lustre dust satu arah. effect adalah seperti texture rolling pin. Harge 3 pieces untuk satu set Rm 60. Saiz Butterfly besar 2"x3"inch. butterfly kecil sekitar 1.8"x1"inch.

Use this mould to embossed your cake.Roll out the fondant dough and embossed it with this mould before lay the fondant on the cake.
3 pieces in a set C1 ( larger 2"x3"inches, small 1.8"x1"inches( both of it)
Price for this set RM/MYR 60

C1 Lazy Butterfly = RM/MYR 60 per set.
C2 Harmony Butterfly = RM/MYR 50 per set. ( New Design )

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