Tuesday, August 9, 2011

K. Decorative Design ( New Designs)

Tussle for Sugar scallop and frill,

K1 = Size 4 inch x 3 inch, Price Rm /MYR 40
K2 = Size 4 inch x 2.8 inch , Price RM / MYR 40
K3 = Size 3.7 inch x 3inch , Price RM / MYR 40

Friday, April 29, 2011

Status of Your Order.

Dear Value Customer,

I have received overwhelming of orders from local and International. To ensure the standard of quality, I have made these moulds by myself and not hire or allowed other hands to do it. Therefore I need weeks to do or prepare the orders. For those who want to place the order, I would like to inform you that your order will takes few weeks to prepare before it leave from my place. The production of this mould is base on made to order and first come first serve ( waiting list ). Please call me or sent email to see how long you’re waiting time. I will make your mould A.S.A.P. To view other designs, please scroll down and click on " OLDER POST".


Mr Shahril

Sunday, August 15, 2010

J. Tussle ( New Design )

Tussle for Sugar scallop and frill,

J1 = Size 2.1 inch x 2 inch, Price Rm /MYR 28
J2 = Size 3 inch x 2 inch , Price RM / MYR 30
J3 = Size 3 inch x 1.5 inch , Price RM / MYR 28 ( New Designs)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

H. Ribbon Insertation Maker ( New Design )

Ribbon Insertion Maker

Size = 9.7'' x 1.9"
Price = RM / MYR 52.

I. Loops Ribbon Maker ( New Design )

Create your loops ribbon for cake topper. Place the thin sugar dough on the mould , press with your fingger, peel it and cut using PME wheel cutter or pizza cutter. Use PME Stich tool and stich straight line along the cut area. the next step please visit http://www.wilton.com/technique/Fondant-Bow-and-Loops

Loops Ribbon Maker

Size i1 = 7.5" x 1.6" Price RM / MYR 48
Size i2 = 7" x 1.1" Price RM / MYR 44

G. Lace Wrapper ( New Design )

Wrap your wedding cake with our lace wrapper. 2 designs , G1 Floral Wave and G2 Majestic Lace. Use the same mould to make scallop or fabric effect on cake. The picture of cake above is belong to Pn Mariam from http://cakesandsugarflowers.blogspot.com/

Lace Wrapper

G1 = Size 16" x 2.7 " Price = RM / MYR 125
G2 = Size 16.5"x 2.9" Price = RM / MYR 130 ( you can get at least 3 pattern from this design )

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lace Wedding Cake..

This is another cake that use lace technique on the wedding cake. I found it in the website and the designer is Gary Chapman. You can see how he create the bow using the lace mould, it's beautiful right? . I really no idea who the manufacturer for the mould even I try to search in the website, but you still can create this cake by using swags(F) , border (A) and medallion (E) moulds. The idea is how we manipulate the pattern itself to create elegant fabric effect on the cakes.